SO, the SR is running great. I’m loving the boost. One small thing wrong with my plans though… I have no front mount intercooler. I had this great deal with one, but the owner decided not to sell… so oh well, right? That just means I have more money for the smaller things… like upgrade to 32Z brakes, pivot headlight controller, LSD, stuff like that. Anyway, here are the outstanding problems with the car as of today… for some reason, my master cylinder is leaking brake fluid. Odd, eh? Also, brakes need to be replaced soon, and during the swap, one of the bolts broke off of my catalytic converter. I need to go to a muffler shop and get that taken care of. My rear defroster isn’t working, which is a big pain in the ass sometimes. I wanna replace my spark plugs as well… when getting an SR, the plugs tend to be old, and sometimes get wet, when the idiots wash the motor. The car is idling funny, which is probably due to the plugs. Anyway, just wanted to post an update for you guys… I hope to get my car back up into the canyons soon… by the way, go to the Slide Squad site under my links page… if you go into the Touge section, you’ll see a picture of a hachi roku upside down… last weekend, some Japanese guy flipped it! Whoops!