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The Hsu family just got back from a pretty amazing road trip to Utah. Everything was great, but now I’m back at work so I’ll have to post some more details later.



Integrity (noun) – adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Integrity is one of my favorite words. It’s a single word with so much meaning. It’s also the top value that I always strive for.

I strive to have integrity in all that I do… friendships, relationships, work, play… to say that somebody has integrity, I think, is the best compliment you can give somebody. It means that person has gained your trust. That you believe he/she is a good person. And that person stands for so many things special when it is so easy today to stand for nothing.



I’ve totally been MIA on this blog!  I’ve been thinking about why I’ve just not had any desire to blog lately, and here are a few reasons:

  1. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook make it all too easy to micro-blog and post a quick feeling or idea rather than actually write something. (I’m lazy)
  2. I’m getting older and I’m realizing that the details of my life should probably be more private as to protect the privacy of my family. (I’m being an overprotective dad)
  3. The public things I might want to share, I end up not because I figure that you could find it on the internet anyways.  I’m also undecided if I want this blog to be one of those where I share things or if I want to create original content.  Or both? (I’m confused)
  4. I’m uninspired. (I’m uninspired)

I definitely want to keep this blog going, seeing that I’ve kept it going for what… 11 years now?

I wish there was an easier way to merge Twitter, Facebook and this blog.

I received a message a couple weeks ago that my friend’s mom had a brain aneurysm and passed away suddenly and without warning.  Shortly after, I learned that another friend’s mom passed away due to finding cancer in it’s advanced stages.  Yesterday, I found out that a friend’s mom passed away suddenly due to a heart attack.

Our friends and family won’t be here with us forever.  Cherish them, appreciate them and let them know what they mean to you.  Don’t take them for granted.

CNN has posted a blog entry suggesting some organizations where you can donate money to those affected by the terrible tragedies in Japan. Click here to read. I hate it when people say “click here” on websites!  Some of those organizations make it so easy to contribute… just text a number from your cell phone and you’ll be donating $10 that will appear on your next cell phone bill.  Other organizations listed might be closer to your heart… like those that will aid the children affected in Japan… or you can just donate to the Red Cross like Nadine and I did.

Or you can go to and click on the upper-right link that says “Donate to the American Red Cross”.

Or you can go to Yuta’s website and donate $5 and he’ll send you a nifty sticker.  He will send your entire $5 to Japan.

So many ways to donate!  Just pick one!

Just imagine yourself while trying to enjoy that nice $20 meal, people in Japan are sleeping outside in the snow, have no food, no home, trying to find lost loved ones while trying to survive themselves… yeah, lost your appetite huh?  That’s cool… just donate the $20 that you won’t be needing anymore!  Heck, give up some of your luxuries for a week and donate more!

With their new Ipod Nanos, Apple decided to ditch their old form factor completely and make something super small and touchscreen.

There is a clock function on the watch, and that caused a lot of people to catch on to the idea that they can use it as a watch, given that they had a way to mount it on a wrist band. A lot of companies have been creating wrist bands so that you can wear your Nano as an article of clothing…

…which is cool if you don’t mind owning a $180 watch that is not waterproof!  When was the last time you saw a watch that wasn’t waterproof?  I wouldn’t shake the hand of a person who wears one – they probably couldn’t wash their hands very easily.