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I went to Costco to buy another shelving unit… I’m slowly cleaning up and organizing my garage, but it always seems like my car gets the worst of it!

Nice Office

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I’m not a fan of the way they split the house into 2, but I do enjoy this office and it’s view.

I was just keeping up with my local house listings as I do everyday, so that I can keep a eye on the housing market – old man homeowner stuff. If you’re interested in doing the same, I defined house listing criteria on, and they e-mail me any new listings and updates on recent sales.

I came across this quaint little house….

Definitely looks like an older white couple lives here…

A glimpse behind the house piqued my interest. What’s that peaking out of that garage?

And then I found the Holy Grail of house modifications! As Nadine said “Oh, snap!”

Okay full on “garage” with a lift, shop tools, TV, and according to the listing, a bathroom.  This is what I need.  Plus maybe a bar and a hammock.

Greg Smith Equipment sells 4 post lifts for residential use!

The website says to figure out if it works in your garage, add the height of your two cars plus 6 inches and if that fits in your garage, you’re golden!  Gotta get my hands on one of these!

They also have a sliding jack to lift your car off of the wheels:

Next time I have $1,800 to burn, I am definitely going to be eying one of these suckers!

Being a homeowner makes me really think about things like this…