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I got this spiffy Hngloose x JDMEgo collabo shirt on today.

As far as collaborations go, look how awesome of a job they did – both brands represented in a single logo without taking away from each other.  Amazing job guys!!!  Plus the shirt is good quality and fits nice, so that’s always a plus haha.

These shirts are available for purchase online today – Go buy one at and support the good guys at Hngloose and JDMEgo!

PH Towers Westgate is connected to a mall called Miracle Mile – which was nice because it was air conditioned and I didn’t have to walk very far to find some souvenirs for the kids.  What struck me as weird was they had a couple ABC stores and a Crazy Shirts store – it felt like I was in Hawaii.

If you’re ever at the mall, DON’T EAT THERE.  None of the restaurants looked appetizing, but we sat down and tried one anyways because it was convenient.  Big mistake.  The food sucked and prices were on the pricey side.  To cheer ourselves up from a crappy dinner, we stopped in to the Serendipity 3 we saw while driving down The Strip.  We’ve been on a sweet potato fries trip lately, so we ordered some fries and their famous frozen hot chocolate.  Score!

Next day we had brunch at Tableau inside the Wynn.

pancakes with chunks of apple and apple maple syrup

amazing french toast - the insides werent soggy and the crust was crunchy

heaven sticks

just some fancy hash

I love the Wynn, because when I gamble there, I Wynn – I mean win.  So after brunch, I went to go win some money so that we could go shopping later.

For dinner, we went to a place called Fiamma Trattoria inside MGM.  Here’s some highlights of the meal…

Ryan taught me about Scotch, so I got a Tasker 10 year.

Their Antipasto - I could have just eaten this all night

Buffalo mozzarella caprese

We went to go see Penn & Teller’s show, which was pretty good.  They shot each other at the end of the show which was pretty rad.  And afterwards, Penn & Teller both come out to meet the audience and sign autographs and stuff.

Nadine was on a photography trip this weekend and borrowed my dad’s SLR. Here’s a pic she took of Yuta’s lawnmower in front of Portillo’s.

I can only go to Portillo’s a few times a year for fear of ending my life early via cardiac arrest.  I’m sure even their salads are bad for you haha!  Here’s my magical combination at Portillo’s: Italian Beef dipped with mozzarella and hot peppers and a root beer.  Bam -10 health points!

Thanks Yuta and Lucky for taking the time to hang out!  It was fun!

A part of her daily bedtime routine is to get a bedtime story and then go to bed. I hope that the turtle is sleepy!

Bucket List

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My bucket list is a little different – I want to be able to repay each of my loved ones or at least show that I don’t take them for granted.

I’m cooking Mother’s Day lunch early… the beef short ribs were cooked last night and marinating in a pot of red wine reduction in the fridge.  Right now i’ve been babying a pot of onions for french onion soup for almost 3 hours already with no end in sight!

Man cooking for 12 people is no joke!!!