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Maker’s 46


Ok Maker’s 46. Let’s see how you taste!

This is Mommy

Dim Sum


My mommy handed this to me this morning as I was dropping off the baby…  it’s supposed to be for lunch, but I think I’m gonna eat it while it’s hot.

Break off

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Still waiting on those engine mounts… and in the meantime, I’ve realized that my engine is getting a little weak. I’m not sure what it is, so in the next few days, I’m going to go through everything… changing my spark plugs, cleaning my air cleaner, changing oil, do a compression test and leak-down test… is there a new engine in my near future? Maybe… or maybe I will just build this one… There’s going to be a private drift event that I want to make on Nov 16, and another SpeedTrial USA event in early December. I NEED to make these events… In other news, Nadine’s birthday is coming up!! We’ll be doing all kinds of fun stuff, so all this car junk is going to have to wait. Have you guys checked out the JIC website? JIC sucks!!!! BTW, in all my efforts to make a lip spoiler that stands up to the harshness of urban driving, it fell off yesterday. and i ran over it. But it’s still in one piece! Hahahah! Good job SileightyMania SPL.

No engine mounts

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No nismo engine mounts… wack! They are on backorder… everywhere. So I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now… I have to be very careful when I drive over bumps… on public streets and the race track. I’ve been thinking about drifting a lot recently… and I’ve been thinking that it’s kinda hard to get good when our drifting events are so scarce… and even when we do, we are limited to the things we can do. I really want to learn manji… and as with the way our events are organized right now it makes it really hard to learn – because they won’t let us try! I’m going to try to organize an event of my own soon… something for just my friends and I. I should be able to learn a lot of things that way I hope. Well, keep it off the streets guys! BTW, that reminds me… I really need to improve on the grip aspect of racing. I’ve really not practiced in a long time. Time to go to some auto-x and road racing events.

I was on my way to get a new cell phone… and then I heard this nasty metal grinding sound. My powersteering was gone. I brought my car to Cartune right after work so I could check it out and see where all my powersteering fluid went. There’s a hard line coming from the fluid return lines… for some reason it goes down from the reservoir to the front of the oil pan and continues to the passenger side of the car and just wraps back the other way to where it starts and turns towards the steering rack. Anyway, thats the line that busted open… right in front of my oil pan. So now that it’s fixed, I’ll take some Nismo engine mounts and transmission mount to go please… I can’t wait until the next track event… after watching that Hawaii drift video, I’ve realized that I want to practice a lot more… I’ve been slacking off!