Auto-X in Aneheim was fun yesterday. It was real close to my house, and I got to try some new tires… Potenza RE711’s! I got a decent time, but I was really driving way to slow. I should have pushed my car harder, but there was loose sand all over the track, and I kept understeering. I also need a new suspension set up… what I was running on was pretty bad. Also, I got some new wheels! They are gold 15×7 SSR formula mesh wheels with a +10 offset. There is a really nice polished lip on them. I am very happy. Also, I picked up a new bumper too… AB-Flug. It is a very popular bumper in Japan for drifters. Just gotta get it painted! Oh yea, I picked up a hollow cat too, from a ’94-up 240sx. The reason why it is hollow is b/c the s14 actually has its cat in the header… the cat after the header is actually a dummy one, just for visual inspection. I need some new tires up front for daily driving… I don’t want to waste my RE711’s on the public road. I’ll probably get another set of RE71’s. Those tires are great too. Any tire sponsors out there?? Drive safetly everybody.