Drift practice earlier today… I’ve learned the secret to sidebrake drifting and brake drifting in my car. I have much more control now… even with my high grip tires in the rear (Potenza RE71 225/50/15) I was getting really sideways… and it wasnt very hard either. I will get good soon, I can feel it. It is so much easier to control the sidebrake drift than my usual clutch drifting. With more practice, I will be able to keep the drifts even longer than I have been… but it is kinda hard being the only one of us drifting with a high horsepower turbo car. Turbo lag sucks for drifting! Anyway, I am still at about 45mph in second gear, but with more control now. I am way more comfortable. Touge tonight… Merry Christmas everyone.