Washed my car today, and my friends and I went up to touge for some photo taking. It was Ken, Antonio, Kyle, and Javierrrrr. Took some group photos, did some donuts and figure-8’s, and then a lot of drifting afterwards. Javier did really well for his first time drifting his new 86. Then he got pretty good at the end of the day, taking better drifting line, and keeping the drift much longer than he was before. Antonio got out there and started to drift too, mid 2nd gear drifts as he was learning how to side brake drift. I was out there in high 2nd gear around 50mph at least. We had a good time, and I’m really happy to see my friends get better at drifting. Plus, all their cars looked good and I’m real excited to see the film when it gets developed. I should have mine by tomorrow afternoon! Haha!