Went autocrossing last saturday with Nadine, Kyle, Tach, Cameron, and Chano… It went pretty well… For Chano’s first autocross, he did pretty well. Tach did a lot of learning that day so it was a pretty good day for him too. Kyle did well considering that his car is so heavy and he has seats made of lubrication (hahaha!)… NADINE ROCKED MY NATION! She was really fast… I sat in her car and she had awesome line and good braking points… If she keeps this up, she’ll be destroying my times really soon. I tested out my new suspension on the track… Man, it was so different… as in night and day. There was pretty much no body roll, and the car seems to want to come loose through every turn. It’s a good thing that I’ve learned to control the car with the previous suspension, because I was able to control the sliding smoothly and I didn’t have a hard time understanding the weight balance of the car. I did pretty well at the autocross, considering that I still haven’t learned the suspension yet, but damn… that track ate up my tires!