Sorry to keep you guys in the dark about this past week… I went to Buttonwillow Raceway on Sunday for Speedtrial’s Drift Event! The drive there was LONG. It took us two hours driving at the minimum of 80-85mph. Anyway, when we got there, it was pretty damp out on the track… but it soon cleared up. The track was interesting… a new place for me to try and drift… I learned quickly that the track was kind of narrow, and the two inch drop from the track into the dirt wasn’t very appealing to me. And the track was FULL of those dreaded right turns! Well, I guess that was a good thing, because it forced me to get used to them… and I did. After a few run groups, the courseworkers got really mad… because the people on the track were not abiding by the course rules and not paying attention to the flags… so they confined our drifting down to one single turn. That got really sad… and I got bored of the track. But hey, the event was only $50… and I think I got my money’s worth this time… I don’t think I’ll ever go back… the track was so small.