What the hell is with the date today? Anyway, Buttonwillow Raceway this weekend!! It’s a drift event… and Hiroshi Takahashi will be there from Running Free Japan. So here’s the to-do list that I always show you guys everytime there is an event coming up… Tires: I’m waiting on my W-10’s from Tirerack.com to come in tomorrow afternoon… I just picked out some used Michelin drifting tires at this cool little tire shop next to my house – the guy that works there is way cool. I also need to change my LSD oil, fuel filter, and belts… Other than that, everything seems okay. I’m surprised, because there’s not much to do this time… It’s comforting when your car runs great before an event. Oh yeah… I got a job! It’s a crappy one… but hey, it’s money. It will hold me down until things get better. Anyway, hope to see some of you at the event!