It’s two weeks past the speedtrial event, and I still think about it about once every two hours everyday. What’s gotten into me? I think I need to buy that expensive mansion on the hill with my own “private road” so that I don’t have these urges of buying a house on the race track. Anyway, I was having problems with my car last week – the idle was horrible and the car barely boosting. I routed my blowoff valve back into the intake and solved the idle problem… the boost problem was so dumb! There’s a c-clip that holds the actuator onto the wastegate arm… well in the past, that c-clip has fallen off and viola – no more c-clip. I had a spare and I put that one on… guess what happened? Yeah it fell off too. So Kyle and I rigged up a super SPL clip out of paper clip wire. It worked great and hasn’t given me problems for like a year probably. Anyway, it got a little tight and stopped the wastegate from opening up all the way. I repositioned it and it works fine now. So, car drama aside… everybody come to drift day on March 16… Irwindale Speedway from 8am-3pm!!