I forgot to tell you guys about the experience that I had at Drift Day 7. I went out with Ken Gushi in his dad’s AE86… and I tried to drift it. The problem that I was having was that I was drifting it like it was my s13 except with less power… It was the wrong way to do it. I sat as Ken drove it and he opened my eyes… I was doing it totally wrong! I think you have to drive an ae86 as if it is bounded by its inherent characteristics, but that you are only limited by your ability to to exceed its limitations. Did that just make sense? I mean… I see S13 drivers out there with big power and good skill… but an s13 is so easy to drift – I often tell people that it feels almost like a video game and not a real car. Anyway, I got back into the ae86 and drove it like there was no tomorrow… hard on the throttle at all times, kicking the clutch to compensate for its lack of power… now I understand why it’s so fun to drift an ae86! I think watching a person drift in an ae86 is a better expression of their skill than it is watching the same person drift in an S13. Strange revelation, eh?