Well, it’s been a great 2003! It’s amazing how much change can happen in a single year… and as far as I know, it’s all been for the better. Drifting has gotten huge, I’ve made a ton of new friends, reacquainted myself with old ones… I’ve watched a lot of drivers grow, a lot of businesses grow, I’ve seen the import/drifting/driving scene grow. And although I often hear about bitterness towards corporate involvement in the drifting world, I think we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for them… also, without the support of Speedtrial USA and Drift Association, there would be no legal drifting, and no instructors to teach the next generation of drifters. I am so thankful for my sponsors, my friends, family, and most of all Nadine… for all of the support, honesty, encouragement, and friendship.

I am so excited to see what’s in store for us in 2004! Happy New Year, everybody!