Eek! It looks like my BBS is messed up. The BBS has been dying off for the past few months… There are still a few people that love to post and read, and I pretty much just keep it up for them. I’m going to take a look at it and if it’s an easy fix, then perfect. If not, I’ve been dying to program my own BBS. That would be totally cool… and not to mention scary because I know it’s going to have bugs. I just got back from my first training session in San Diego with my new company. It was okay… but extremely lonely… and boring! It was nice to go do something without somebody saying, “hey do you drift?” The rear tires on my daily driver are just about gone… I’ve only been driving on them for a couple months! Considering how bad it’s been raining lately, I guess it’s time to put some ES100s on. Haha!