So like I said from my last journal entry, I realized I still have a lot to work on for my car. When I turn the steering wheel to the left, it starts to rub against my wiring harness pretty badly. So what I’ve spent this entire past week doing is going to work, then coming home to a wiring harness nightmare. The harness consists of at least 60 wires that I’ve had to cut, re-route, and then solder back together. I think it’s taken me a total of 8 hours to do them all. I’m going to lower the car back down tonight and see how much clearance I’ve made. I’m hoping there’s no more rubbing issues AT ALL.

Another issue I’ve found is that on the way home from the track at the last event, a few holes were made into my radiator from a moving fan shroud… somebody was looking over me that day though, because the car made it all the way but a few blocks away from home before the leak started, causing my car to overheat pretty badly. Anyway, I got the radiator fixed and put the car together last night. The car started OK which is good… so tonight will be my judgement day. I have to see if my engine is OK from the overheating and if my wheels clear my wiring modifications. Cross your fingers! I’m trying to make it to the track this weekend!