I know, I’m late but that’s what everybody puts on their blog. Happy New Year!

Man this past Christmas was HECTIC. I thought I would have all this free time on my hands, but I didn’t. There were Christmas parties everywhere but it was really nice spending time with family. Christmas was so exciting for me as a child and it kind of died as I became a teenager. But now that I’m older and learning to appreciate things more, add in the fact that I have a family now, Christmas has a renewed charm for me again.

Nadine was having some complications and the doctor has put her on bed rest. What is bed rest? Exactly what it sounds like! She has to sit in bed ALL DAY LONG. It’s really making her crazy and I don’t blame her… it’s like turning your own home into a jail cell. But she’s hanging in there and she’s doing a really good job of not doing much. I’m thinking she’ll have to last another month at the longest. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for sooner though.

So anyway, I’m now Mr. Mom and taking care of everything around the house and I haven’t had any time to go drifting but I did squeeze a few hours in there to put on my canards. I took off my spoiler too, for a new look. I don’t know why, but my car looks so wiiiiide new. I love it… I’m going to leave it this way for a while.

Geez, where are all my pics? My blog is so boring!