So the baby is coming… and it was time to sell my daily driver S13 to buy a bigger car. I’ve had it since 2003 and it’s been awesome to me ever since. When I bought it, it had less than 100k miles and it helped to complete the Mega S13 freak collection. At one point, we had one S13 from every year that S13s were available in the USA. We had an ’89, ’90, ’91, ’92, ’93. If you are a nerd, you are telling me that S13s were made in also ’94. Well, ’94s were all convertible and no way in hell would I buy an S13 convertible, so be quiet you nerd!

It was really nice driving it, and according to my friends I was going to start fixing it up weeks after I bought it. But I resisted. I already had a low, loud, no frills drift car so I wanted to enjoy the 240sx in stock form. It came with tinted windows, working a/c & heater… it was quiet and had a really strong engine. it was the nicest S13 I’ve ever driven.

Working on it was cake, because NOTHING was rusted or seized. When I worked on it, it was like working on a new car… I would effortlessly pull out nuts and bolts and they looked shiny and new.

The car sold FAST! Luckily it went to a very nice man named Chris who LOVES Nissans and was just looking for a nice daily driver just like what I was looking for when I bought the car.

It was fun while it lasted!