So they did a D1GP drifting exhibition at TAS this year. Pretty cool setup! It’s really small, probably due to venue constraints but it lets the crowd get really close to all the action. The course is cool because it’s got all the basics – main entry towards the crowd, reducing radius corners, walls to get close to, and direction changes. I love Nomuken’s left foot braking action near the wall.

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s Kumakubo’s Evo in action. I don’t really like the Evo… in fact I don’t like Mitsubishis much. Okay I hate them. But I love Kuma! He’s been one of my favs for a really long time and plus he is the king of twin drift and he reminds me of that happy fat guy from Mulan.

And I hate you Rob! Stop showing me those horrible truck drifting videos!