Rob found this yahoo auction in Japan for an old Drift Tengoku magazine. I guess unlike here in the USA, these don’t go up for auction much in Japan. I guess because we are all super nerdy drift geeks who collect this stuff.

Anyway it’s the September 1996 issue with 2 EF civics drifting next to each other. I am sure this is what inspired Slide Squad Dave to paint his car in the same fashion and start sliding it around. Knowing that this issue is from 1996, I’m also fairly certain that it’s Hatakeyama who is driving one of them.

Seeing the magazine brings back a lot of great memories… going up to touge that time with Dave as he showed me what it’s like to fly sideways through a corner. Whenever I think back to it, the memory is kind of surreal. I’m not sure if it’s because of how blown away I was or because it’s like the memory of your first love, or if it’s just because it was was at night freezing with fog everywhere. Either way it was totally awesome and one of my favorite memories.

You know what’s cool? The thought that this magazine may have inspired Dave who in turn inspired me.