Yeah, these are old. But it’s always fun watching “the greats” and looking at the differences in car and driving style.

Ueo. He is always concentrating on quick and precise direction changes. Watch how fast his hands are!

Kumakubo. Does he really need to kick the clutch so much? No… but this is drifting! Kick away!

Kazama. He looks very smooth and controlled in this video, to me, a sign of a very confident and calculated driver. Listen to his throttle during the direction changes… he lets off the accelerator, but not fully and only for a split second. You know he is coming in fast for the upcoming corner. At this course and these speeds, the longer you stay on the gas and sooner you get on it after lifting, the more likely you will go flying off course, where it is slippery and you will probably die.

Nomuken. Nomuken’s driving style is always scary looking to me. He looks like he’s fumbling around with the steering wheel and making a lot of corrections. I am sure that it’s just his style, but it makes me nervous! Watch his crazy shifting into the first corner… clutch kick in 3rd gear, and a split second later, upshift into 4th!