I think pet peeves are natural expressions of passion for things you love. In this case, it’s Nissans, drifting, etc.

Over the years I’ve been kind of desensitized to a lot of my previous pet peeves, like when people compare my drifting to what they saw in the first Fast and the Furious. At first it made me want to hit something. Now I have no choice but to brush it off. Or how about when people pronounce “Greddy” as “g. ready” or “greedy”? I’ve heard that one too many times. Or how about when people say my car is a Silvia? Okay I’m starting to get fired up. Time to get to the point.

There is one major pet peeve that still bugs me. The use of “motor” in case of an “engine”… An engine is powered by some sort of fuel. A motor is always powered by electricity. Your B16a or SR20DET is NOT a motor – it’s an ENGINE! Don’t tell me about your motor swap unless your power window motor crapped out and you replaced it with a new one. Don’t tell me about your JDM turbo motor! Oh, and here is the most common abuse: “motor oil”.

Okay that concludes today’s class of Haters 101. Your essay on “Why I will let pet peeves ruin my life” will be due tomorrow, thanks.