Last week, Logs was talking to me about pictures that HKS posted on their blog about the new intercooler setup on Taniguchi’s drift Aristo.

Apparently, they often drive the 700hp car in super hot weather and keeping the engine cool is a problem. Instead of going with a v-mount setup, they went a different route. They separated the traditional front-mounted intercooler into 2 individual side-mounted intercoolers. This allows the radiator to receive 100% (maybe 95% because of the oil cooler) of the air passing through the center of the bumper and the intercoolers to receive 100% of the air passing through the sides of the bumper. The intercoolers are also mounted at an angle, which is supposed to help with allowing the air to pass through more efficiently while the car is drifting.

Turbo V6s have been doing this for a long time, but for other reasons… this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it being done for cooling reasons. It’s cool, I think… and possibly much cheaper than fabricating a v-mount setup. Has HKS started a new trend? We’ll see!