I was looking through Time magazine’s website and found the article The Best in the Online World. It’s a top 50 listing of user-voted websites. A few sites on the list that I enjoy or have enjoyed are Geni, Kongregate, The Nest, Urban Dictionary, Playboy, oh wait that last one isn’t in there.

One that caught my eye was Carbonrally. This is a GREAT site! It lists a bunch of lifestyle challenges that have a positive effect on global warming. For the most part, challenges are simple things to do and don’t require a huge amount of dedication. I think it shows that taking small steps towards a greater good is more effective than trying to get people to turn their lives upside down.

What is nice is that it lists a tangible measure of how much you are helping the environment. So I actually know how much of a difference I’m making when I use reusable grocery bags instead of the plastic ones. Some of these numbers are impossible to calculate though, since you can’t say how much you will improve since everybody shops in different frequencies.

I think I’ve already reduced my carbon footprint by huge amounts – I haven’t drifted in a year. They should list that as a challenge, because it hasn’t been easy!

What do you guys think? Want to try a challenge? Let’s create a team and do it together!