We had an earthquake today measured at 5.8 magnitude and I was only a few miles away from the epicenter. Earthquakes always get you, even if you’ve lived in Southern California your whole life. But it doesn’t get you as much as people who grew up out of state! 2 of my 3 coworkers are from Chicago so they really didn’t get what was going on. It was kind of funny but also kind of scary that I was not too concerned about it.

We really haven’t had any earthquakes this size for maybe like 10-15years? I’ve gotten used to it. Now that my family and I live on our own, it’s time to start thinking how we can earthquake-proof the things in our home, including having earthquake supplies.

Here’s a couple interesting links:
A map showing earthquake activity in real-time – yes, we are constantly having earthquakes even if we don’t feel them.
Chronological Listing of Earthquakes in Southern California