Our Work wheels finally arrived!

Picking out offsets were kinda hairy because nobody really had any setups that I liked. Wheels too thin, staggered wheels aren’t staggered the way I like, tires are too wide – I like the way the car handles from the factory… there’s plenty of grip, steering feels good, and acceleration is quick. I wanted to maintain that with the new setup.

So I went with a 20×9.5 in the front and a 20×10.5 in the rear. Factory tires are 225 front and 245 rear, and these new Falken FK452s are 245 front and 255 rear. I didn’t want such a wide front tire, but available tire sizes in 20 are limited. Besides, this way I get to keep a 35 profile tire both in front and rear and the wheel+tire diameter is VERY close to stock, so it doesn’t mess with the speedo or the traction control.

All in all, I’m pretty happy… the Falken tires aren’t as nice as the OEM Bridgestone tires, but the Falken tires will last longer because of the treadwear rating. The car’s ride is a little more harsh, but it’s livable. I’m really liking that the wheels don’t look too large on the car and that the car still looks pretty subtle. A lot of times, 20 inch wheels scream at you from a mile away. I think you could walk by this car and not even notice it.

Oh one complaint – I should have gotten lower offset fronts… time to buy some spacers!

Thanks Kyle for taking photos for me!