So a couple weeks ago, I had to go to Atlanta for a business trip. I was pretty stressed because I’ve never been away since Elise was born… Nadine would have to be a single parent of 2 kids for a week. We planned the best we could and with the help of Nadine’s brother and her parents, the week went OK. It was a ton of work for her but I’m glad she made it through ok. Kristy was a big help of course.

Before I left we decided to do something special as a family so we all went to the beach together. We always TRY to go to a different beach in Orange County but parking is always horrible… and we end up going to the tried and true – Crystal Cove. You pay around $7 and you are assured a safe place to park – not on a public street crammed between 2 cars.

It was Elise’s first time to the beach and she did SUPER well. She laid on her tummy and played with her toys and then she sat up with mom while I made tunnels in the sand with Kristy. She’s never made a tunnel before! What a noob!

Going to Atlanta was really hard. I missed the family everyday that I was gone.

Memorable things I got to do while in Atlanta:
Pretend that I had a grill everywhere I went.
Eating at the Waffle House – hash browns all the way. I felt HORRIBLE after eating that.
Going to an Atlanta Braves game in the all you can eat and all you can drink section. Pretending that I had a grill.