Kristy has been bugging us to death about wanting to eat pizza lately, and I really don’t like to get pizza very often. Instead of forcing some Pizza Hut or Papa John’s down my throat, we went out to Westwood for something better. Lamonicas used to be in downtown LA but years ago they moved out to Westwood, which SUCKS because it’s far and because parking is a nightmare and I rarely ever want to go because of it.

Inside, you find a lot of New York City decor… subway signs, posters, paintings…

The place is really small with a counter full of pre-cooked pizzas and a small place to eat in the back. When you order, they pop your slices of pizza into their oven and then serve it to you. Everything is just like a typical pizza shop in NY – except no beer. SUCKS!

It was a good time to have pizza here because we just came back from NY, which means it’s time to compare authenticity. When I eat NY pizza, the regular cheese pizza is where it’s at. Or maybe a cheese and mushroom. The pizza is pretty good… the slices aren’t as big, but it’s really nice to what it was like in NY.

And here’s some pics of the happy family.

Although the drive and parking sucks, I would definitely go anytime I’m in the area, and so should you! If you’re local they also deliver.

Lamonicas NY Pizza
1066 Gayley Ave, Los Angeles, CA