So I just found this list while looking for some pics of Irwindale Speedway today (I can’t believe the drifting season is ending already!):
ZipTied’s Top 20 Drift cars of all time

Hey look at that, my sileighty is in the list. Wow really? Of all time? That’s pretty big. The poll was asked of members and it was posted as “what cars do YOU feel are the most influential, iconic, memorable, drift cars of all time”. I for sure don’t think my car should even be considered in that context, but I’m flattered nonetheless.

It’s kind of interesting to look at the results because you get an idea that the people on ziptied have a unique outlook. I remember back in the day watching drifting videos with Andy Yen and others… Haruguchi was definitely a memorable character, but not necessarily a top influencer. The ziptied guys LOVE him because of his ride height and crazy car/driving style. With ziptied members posting all over the place about how much Haruguchi is the coolest drifter of all time, suddenly people love him to death. He’s #2 on the ziptied list. Kind of crazy how that happened. You will also notice that in the list there are a lot of cars built more recently, which probably says that the people who voted are of a newer generation of drifting.

What’s your top 20 list? Actually 20 is pretty hard… here’s my top 15? I would tend to think about the cars that influenced me and made me want to get into drifting. Here’s my go at it:
1. Koguchi – black 180sx
2. Imamura – brown ae86
3. Taniguchi – red hks s15
4. Kumakubo – orange s15
5. Utsumi – blue onevia
6. Ueno – red soarer
7. Nomuken – white s14
8. Alex Pfieffer – various ae86s
9. Kamimoto – red supercharged ae86
10. Ueo – cream ae86
11. Fukuda – yellow 180sx
12. Hiroshi Takahashi – red ae86
13. Keiichi’s TRD AE86
14. DJ Electrique Mike – blue S13
15. All of those beautiful Night Walkers sedans