Wow my life has been so hectic as of late that I forgot that I even had a blog!

Here’s the latest and the greatest on my life:

  • We’re looking for a house… yeah it’s time to stop renting and just bite the bullet. This means that funds will be low in order to save for the downpayment, and also if we find something – to pay the mortgage. This also means that my car stuff is all on hold until we have some concrete plans! Man, my car was going to be awesome for ’09!
  • Elise got a virus from her daycare place and she’s been throwing up and has stomach aches. She is really needy and cries when we’re not in the room with her while she’s sleeping.
  • The Drifting Pretty Annual banquet is coming up, so there’s a lot of preparation for that.
  • I still have all my Christmas shopping to do.

Life, can I get a break here?!

Hope you’re all doing better than I am!