Ever since we had Yakitori at Shinsengumi in Gardena, life has never been the same – we crave it ALL THE TIME. Yakitori is Japanese style bbq where the meat is skewered – usually not huge honking skewers like kabobs, but much smaller. The point is to order a variety of them and usually to be drunk at the same time – which really helps with paying the bill because yakitori is generally very pricey. If you can manage to not get carried away in conversation and beers and the reckless ordering of more food, it would be a lot cheaper, but what is the fun in that?!

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to have yakitori at home so that we could afford to eat it more often… so far I’ve found a lot of these grills that are much too small…

Here’s a cool one… it’s long so you can put a lot of skewers on it, but the sucky thing is – it’s electric! I’m pretty sure to get the authentic taste, you need to use charcoal.

Here’s one that is way too small, but at least it uses charcoal. I’m gonna have to get 3 of these! One for each person!

So far I’m not sure what to do… I don’t really like either of those 2 grills.