On Noriyaro.com, I saw a picture from Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 of Daigo Saito’s new drift car for 2009 D1GP. I have to admit that it’s the best looking mustang I’ve ever seen!

Decked out in a nice red and good looking aero! Hope he loses those wheels though!

Daigo Saito was last year’s D1GP champion, which is kind of interesting to me, because either:
a) He’s improved a lot and has become an amazing driver over the few years that I stopped paying attention to D1GP
b) There’s not a whole lot of talent left in D1GP
c) D1GP is up to some shenanigans again

I guess he could have just been the most consistent huh? I could see that…

It’s too bad that D1GP has been a bore to me since all of the politics ruined the series that inspired me so much. Daigo Saito can’t compare to the likes of Taniguchi, Kazama, Kumakubo and Nomuken.