Back when I was really heavy into drifting, I used to always dream at night about drifting. Since I shifted my focus on my family, the dreams started to go away and drifting occupied less of my everyday thoughts.

Since working on the drift cars the other weekend and picking up some Neovas for my new SSR wheels, I started to think about my car a lot. It started to rain last week, and after some “street testing” in my G35, I started to think about drifting a lot – so much so that I mounted my tires and changed my wheels in the rain on Saturday. I went and did some “driving” real quick. I can’t get it out of my head now… I just want to install all these parts I’ve had sitting around in my garage and I want to go driving again! I’ve been having dreams every night about drifting, my new wheels, etc. Here’s a funny thing I just noticed – my drifting dreams are NEVER at the track. Why is that??