Nadine and I have had the worst time trying to figure out where the cats’ litter boxes will go in our new house. I HATE litter boxes… they always stink and the cats always kick the litter outside of the box and all over the floor. NASTY!

Well… we’ve been thinking for weeks now and we haven’t been able to come up with any good ideas, besides cutting a hole in our fire rated garage door and putting the litter boxes in the garage. Smart right?

On a side note, did you know that 80% of house fires start in the garage? That’s why houses with detached garages are cheaper to insure… and attached garages have a firewall between the house and the garage.

Well, while talking to Dave over IM today, I realized that I’ve lost sight of my long time goal of toilet training the cats! That solves the whole litter issue and the whole burning my house down issue! If I can do it, I’ll be able to walk around the house with my shoes off like a normal Asian and my house won’t smell like cat crap everyday!

It’s gonna be hard… but I’m determined!