For Father’s Day, I REALLY wanted a good steak, but with our current money problems I knew we couldn’t afford a good steak. So what’s the next best thing? Going to my favorite butcher near San Marino who dry ages their own Harris Ranch beef. Still really expensive ($20 per steak) but cheaper than high grade steaks at a steak house!

We got 2 very healthy sized New York steaks. Look at the beautiful fat in the meat!

First time grilling my own New Yorks… I learned my lesson – sear for a shorter amount of time and then cook with indirect heat longer.

Ate outside with a Malbec (<3) and some roasted new potatoes.

I gotta say… even though I didn’t do the greatest job cooking the steaks, the flavor was just so awesome. After I had my first great New York steak at Houston’s last year… I pretty much never want to eat any other cut of steak.