Some of you may have not noticed, but I finally moved servers.  I got a free domain name with it, so welcome to

If you subscribed to my previous blog with an rss reader, please update your link!  My new rss feed link is:

If you came from, then if you look up, you’ll see that you’re now at  I decided a long time ago that my site needed a makeover, but at the same time I wanted to keep the way that it looked… so won’t change… it will look like that forever (probably not a good thing).

You’ll also notice that I’ve finally given in and turned my blog into a wordpress blog!  My previous blog was entirely programmed by me, and there was just too much neat stuff out there for me to keep up with.  Plus I had no time to be programming a blog!  I’d rather be doing stuff and getting paid for it!

Thanks for reading guys… I promise to update more often!