Whenever I’m in the Irvine area I like to eat at the places I used to frequent back in my UCI days.

Last weekend the family and I decided to go to the beach so we stopped into Kohryu for dinner.  I always thought Kohryu was unique because, besides the typical Japanese food like Ramen, they serve Chinese food with a Japanese twist.  I always order their Chinese food because although their ramen is decent, I’d rather go somewhere better like Santouka or Daikokuya.

The food is not spectacular, but it’s good.

kohryu - beer combo

We started off with their homemade gyoza and beer combo. This combination is my newest obsession.

kohryu - miso beef and cabbage

Miso beef and cabbage

kohryu - omelette rice

An omelette with gravy over rice

kohryu - chow mein

Japanese style chow mein