So Nadine showed me this awesome site called that allows you to edit images via a flash application.  Translation: Do image editing work without using Photoshop!  They have a few photo editing apps on there, but I use Pixlr Editor.

I haven’t used it that much yet, but I have used it on my junky slow laptop that I wouldn’t dare install Photoshop on.  The interface is a lot like Photoshop.  Translation: It’s pretty much a blatant imitation of Photoshop.

For the light weight user who just does stuff for blogging, this is a really good option.  You can resize, crop, optimize for web, use the healing tool, magic wand, change levels, blur, vignette… awesome!

Something I do a lot is take screen captures, so I downloaded this plugin called Pixlr Grabber for my firefox browser that allows me to right click a website and open it directly in the image editor.

Nerdy side note: Something like this is super important to the web centric OS movement.  I really think that one day we’re all going to have web based operating systems like Google Chrome OS, and development of applications like these are essential to making that happen.