It’s always been tougher in California for us car folk… but just when we started to get used to things, C.A.R.B. decides to change it up on us again.

According to C.A.R.B., you are not allowed to use race fuel in a street legal car.  If it’s using race fuel, then it’s a race car – and race cars aren’t allowed to drive on the street.  They’ll be enforcing this by monitoring the people who sell the race fuel… sellers are required to get information from you regarding the car you are purchasing the fuel for, such as vehicle owner, vehicle make/model, VIN, race event info, date of the event, etc.

All this money and time you are spending on this, so that you can crack down on the people who make up less than 1% of California’s drivers?  What a huge waste of money and state resources!  This is just like those random smog checks they put up on the roads… they tow out a big dyno setup and randomly pick cars from the street to get checked.  Not only do they increase traffic (and pollution) by taking out a lane for their dyno, they are also catching cars that our 2 year smog requirement will catch anyways!  Are you guys idiots?  Waste much?  The state would make a much better contribution to our environment by getting cops out of souped up Crown Vics and Dodge Chargers and putting them in a environmentally friendly car.  It also wouldn’t hurt to teach police offers about acceleration control – I see cops flooring it all the time!

Maybe it’s time to start looking into things like water injection… C.A.R.B., there’s always a way around it.