It’s been about 3 years since I’ve been on the track… 3 years!!

I attempted to get my car on the track last December when Rob visited, but lack of money and time told me no.  But I did try to get the car ready and I started to work on it.  It’s been on jack stands ever since.

Just Drift is hosting an event at Streets of Willow, and I know that I just have to be there.  It’s been too long, and that track is like a pilgrimage for me…  That track is like my home track – it’s where I started racing (real racing with helmets and flags and such).  It’s also where we weren’t officially allowed to drift.  Accidental oversteering was allowed, but they watched us like a hawk there and if they thought we were drifting, we got yelled at and kicked out.  It’s hard to have fun drifting when you have to drift like you’re racing.  Now that Charlie got the OK for us here, I really want to go and stretch my wings.  That is – if I can get all the rust out of my driving first!

So here’s what I have to take care of in order to get to the event:

  • find a trailer
  • find a nice friend who will tow my car with said trailer
  • replace the fuel lines at my gas tank
  • replace my valve cover gasket
  • change my differential oil
  • change my engine oil
  • buy a new battery
  • buy new tires

Considering how busy I am, that is a lot of work and a lot of money that I’ll have to spend.  But I’ll do my best!  Wish me luck!