In today’s world where the internet never forgets anything, I’m having the hardest time trying to find pictures of some really good AE86s for 8/6 day.

It seems that some of these cars were pre-internet drifting hype and that google has allowed them to be forgotten. If anybody has some good photos of great ae86s back in the day, please post them somewhere so they can be remembered. Here are some that I just could not find!

  • Terasaki Gen – Street Levin pre D1 graphics
  • Kamimoto Hisashi – Red supercharged Trueno
  • Hiro Sumida – Rust colored Trueno with gold Dori Dori
  • Yamashita and Hiroshi twin Running Free Truenos

Since I couldn’t find any pictures of the cars I wanted to post, here’s a backup pic – Tsuchiya’s TRD Trueno. This car inspired a lot of people!

Oh heck, and I might as well through in a couple others.

Here’s Steve’s ae86 in my old driveway:

And Perry’s new style AE86 before it got mashed and before he joined the Imola Red club.  Haha “MANFOOT”