Last week, I went with Nadine to Las Vegas to celebrate our anniversary.

When I discovered a few years ago that most of the time it’s easier to valet your car in Vegas, I stopped driving my own cars there.  This time I rented at a local Avis who had awesome prices.  I got a Mercury Milan for around $33/day, which ended up being  a pretty swanky car for the road trip – it has a v6, Sirius radio, dual climate control, bluetooth, huge trunk and heated seats (that I didn’t use).  With the Sirius radio, I didn’t even need to bring my auxiliary input cable for my iPhone, which was nice because 3G reception is spotty in the middle of the desert.  Oh, did I mention that it had some awesome disco lights for my water bottles?  I think I’m ready for Hot Import Nights.

Anyway, I got there and man – there are tons of Bentleys in Vegas.  This little roadster greeted me when I arrived.

We ended up staying at the PH Towers Westgate, which Nadine had to remind me all weekend is not the same hotel as Planet Hollywood.  Which is a good thing, because I heard that even though Planet Hollywood completely updated the casino, their rooms are largely untouched and feel old.  We got to the hotel and they asked if we wanted to do a $30/night upgrade to our rooms, and because we were feeling fancy, we did – and I’m glad!  Check out our room!

Full kitchen and a dining table

Our living room with a projection screen

Our red couch and Marilyn Monroe

Our bedroom

Our bedside jacuzzi tub

To be continued…