CNN has posted a blog entry suggesting some organizations where you can donate money to those affected by the terrible tragedies in Japan. Click here to read. I hate it when people say “click here” on websites!  Some of those organizations make it so easy to contribute… just text a number from your cell phone and you’ll be donating $10 that will appear on your next cell phone bill.  Other organizations listed might be closer to your heart… like those that will aid the children affected in Japan… or you can just donate to the Red Cross like Nadine and I did.

Or you can go to and click on the upper-right link that says “Donate to the American Red Cross”.

Or you can go to Yuta’s website and donate $5 and he’ll send you a nifty sticker.  He will send your entire $5 to Japan.

So many ways to donate!  Just pick one!

Just imagine yourself while trying to enjoy that nice $20 meal, people in Japan are sleeping outside in the snow, have no food, no home, trying to find lost loved ones while trying to survive themselves… yeah, lost your appetite huh?  That’s cool… just donate the $20 that you won’t be needing anymore!  Heck, give up some of your luxuries for a week and donate more!