I’ve totally been MIA on this blog!  I’ve been thinking about why I’ve just not had any desire to blog lately, and here are a few reasons:

  1. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook make it all too easy to micro-blog and post a quick feeling or idea rather than actually write something. (I’m lazy)
  2. I’m getting older and I’m realizing that the details of my life should probably be more private as to protect the privacy of my family. (I’m being an overprotective dad)
  3. The public things I might want to share, I end up not because I figure that you could find it on the internet anyways.  I’m also undecided if I want this blog to be one of those where I share things or if I want to create original content.  Or both? (I’m confused)
  4. I’m uninspired. (I’m uninspired)

I definitely want to keep this blog going, seeing that I’ve kept it going for what… 11 years now?

I wish there was an easier way to merge Twitter, Facebook and this blog.