Watch Hiroshi from Running Free in his AE86… still drifting after all these years and still being a bad ass.

Check out his super aggressive entry into the main corner from the straight away!

In-car footage of the same laps above.

I’ve been watching some surfing stuff lately, and they talk about going back to where surfing originated with longboards, which you ride completely different than the modern shortboards you see in today’s surfing competitions. Hiroshi’s videos totally reminds me of longboarding, because he’s been doing this for much longer than I’ve even heard of drifting, and if you watch his initiations, he is still doing it in his old purist style… he is not kicking the clutch or pulling the e-brake (zzzzzzz). He uses the momentum and speed of the car to drift and you just don’t see that anymore! Hiroshi is all purist, isn’t he? His AE86 has the same style as it did in the 90s (aftermarket front bumper only, no sides, no rear), he still has a 4AG engine with carburetors (no engine swaps or turbos), his driving technique is the same and he still drifts for fun. Much like the term soul surfer, would he be considered a soul drifter?