For a special occasion, I went to Alexander’s, my favorite butcher, because they have beef from Harris Ranch.  I actually tried to buy some filet mignon from Pavilions, figuring if anybody, they would have some decent meat, but no way.  Even at around $15/lb. I didn’t want to deal with that stuff.  At Alexander’s, they were about $26/lb., and each steak was about half a pound.  Yeah $13 a steak from the butcher – but it was worth it.  The meat’s quality is obvious just by looking at it.

6 pieces from the butcher. Look at all the marbling from the fatty goodness.  That is $90 worth of meat right there!


All tied up so that they would cook evenly.  Well, and it makes them look nice.


On the plate with some green beans and roasted potatoes.  The steak was topped with a red wine sauce and caramelized onions.


I cooked it past medium rare just in case people got squeamish, but in hindsight, maybe I should have cooked it to a perfect medium-rare and let them deal with it.