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I updated the blog thanks to Dave

Now you can have an avatar that follows you around on a lot of the blogs you see out there.

Thanks Dave! Leave a comment, so I can see your avatars!

Sweaty Palms

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I know… the title sounds totally disgusting right?

Well, if there’s anything in life that makes my hands get all sweaty and clammy, it’s heights. Look at this bridge, which holds the world record for having the largest distance between the deck of the bridge and the ground. You can fit the Empire State building (tallest building in my IMAGINATION) underneath the bridge and still have more room to spare.

This is what got me though… Look at the pictures of that guy walking across the cables. All that is separating him from a long and horrible fall is rotten wood and nets.


Ninja Cat

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I have this weird thing… I don’t like driving down crazy inclines or over bridges. My palms get all sweaty, my heart races, and I get crazy nervous. It’s weird, and I cannot help it. It’s like my weird thing with the sound of crushing/scraping ice. Don’t ask… that story is for another day.

Anyway, MSNBC has this new feature called Bridge Tracker. It basically allows you to view bridges along your commute so that you can see inspection results and general info like average traffic. Look at the page showing the route from San Francisco, CA to San Rafael, CA. Look at all the bridge points that say “Functionally Obsolete”!!!! Just great MSNBC, do you want me to never drive on a bridge ever again?!