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I installed my new Tanabe Drift Spec parts (traction rods, toe control rods) last weekend and got an alignment at West End in Torrance. What a difference! I’m not sure how they will react when I’m driving hard, but on public roads, they stiffen up the chassis quite drastically.

Something that I noticed lately was my car feeling boost laggy and the power didn’t feel as good as it should. I changed my oil and spark plugs tonight, and it made a world of difference. Actually, the spark plugs made the difference. I’ve been using Blitz iridium plugs for the past year now, mostly because I can feel the biggest difference when I use them, compared to other types of spark plugs. Plus they are easily available (local) for SR applications. Anyway, I’m glad my car doesn’t feel crappy anymore. I lost track of when I changed my plugs last, and I guess they were due. I thought my gutless engine was another thing I had to put up with! Haha.

Next thing to do is change my transmission fluid and my LSD fluid. And try to figure out why my car isn’t boosting at what I set it to. Other than that… I’m almost ready for Drift Showoff!

Tanabe underbrace

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This past Saturday was car day for me. I put on my new Tanabe Sustec Underbrace, and the Drift Spec Tension Rods. They look great! The tension rods have a rubber boot over the pillowball to protect them from dirt and dust that might get caught inside. Plus they’re chrome and look super duper when they’re sitting on the car! The Underbrace took me 10 minutes to install… it goes in between the two tension rod braces on the tension rod end. I felt the effects right away when I started driving around! I could even feel it during straight line braking. I can’t tell much else, since my alignment is so off right now. The real test comes when I go to the track. Hopefully I can still feel the effects by then. Getting ready for Drift Showoff! I have my new set of Yokohama ES100’s sitting around begging me to break them in. I can’t wait.