Well, finals week is this upcoming week, and I haven’t studied ALL day! Hahaha. Picked up a Bomex wangan wing today, and it’s pretty cool! It’s so funny… my car looks DOPE in the back, cuz all my cool mods are in the back (i.e. – 180sx rear center panel, Blitz Nur-SpecR, Bomex wangan spoiler, Kei Office Doridoris). But oh well, my car’s exterior is beginning to take form… something that I didn’t expect to happen for a long time. I also picked up a headlight controller so that I can sleepy eye my headlights during the day and pop up all the way for seeing at night. Hopefully I can install it next weekend with the help of my friend John. Oh man, my rear passenger side brake pad is fucking up my rotor! Its putting this deep groove into it! I’m going to change it soon, and hopefully everything will be okay. Dang, I gotta get back to studying. I need to take some pictures!!!