DAMN, I haven’t updated this page in a long ass time! Well, let me let you know whats been going on if you don’t know already… My project 180sx is no longer a project 180sx. It’s now a project Sileighty! I got my car back from the bodyshop, with the PS13 Silvia’s fenders, Q’s bumper, non-projector headlights, stock grill, and a fiberglass hood. The car is looking good. To tell you the truth, I was way paranoid when I got it back. But I’ve realized… nobody looks at my car. When I’m driving on the road, cops don’t give me a second look, and neither do the ricers. I was paranoid about the paint too… especially since I’ve been going to touge almost every weekend. But on May 28, I crashed while coming down from touge. The car is perfectly fine… but my bumper is scratched up… which is ok! Because now I’m not paranoid about the pretty paint job! Ok, I’m outta here. Finals are coming up again. Drive safe everybody.